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Become a Trusted Advisor With Portfolio Crash Testing

LanceHicks.jpg quoteb.png That's one of the real beauties I find of RiXtrema's platform and software, because you can show and demonstrate risk and goals visually without having to use a lot of words. In the short time we've been using this, we have brought on some very substantial clients. And it was Portfolio Crash Testing that did that. We are talking about clients who are deca–millionaires. It was a wonderful experience for us to have this in our quiver and to be able now to use that. quotee.png

Lance Hicks, CEO, Finance 500, Award Winning Advisor

AMillard.png quoteb.png I have found RiXtrema to be extremely useful in two distinct ways: First, it's an excellent internal tool for evaluating and analyzing portfolios. Just as important, it's a very effective communication tool for helping clients to visualize and understand the tradeoffs between risk and reward. quotee.png

Andrew Millard, CFP, Principal, Millard & Company

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Quantitative diagnostics/improvements for retirement plans to accelerate your plan sponsor AUM growth.
Target-Date FiduciaryOptimizer
Target-Date FiduciaryOptimizer finds a most suitable fund family for a retirement plan based on participants' response to a questionnaire, objective data and scientific algorithms and will document the recommendation.
Comply with DOL Fiduciary Rule requirements regarding IRA Rollovers by documenting best interest and demonstrate your services to retirees.
Plan Monitor
Plan Monitor will monitor your retirement plans and send you weekly alerts about any potential problems with the plan. Continuous monitoring of plans is required for all ERISA fiduciaries, this was reaffirmed in landmark Tibble vs Edison case
AnnuityOptimizer will enable you to advise clients on variable annuity assets like never before. AO gives you compelling and easy-to-explain reports that can compare any variable annuity to a fee-only annuity or a taxable portfolio.
Portfolio Crash Test
Portfolio Crash Tester will help you explain and manage portfolio risk for any prospect or client. It is the only platform for advisors that is also used by top institutions to manage their risks.
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